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Terra Star Expeditionary was founded by A group of UEE Citizens from Terra and Stanton that made it their mission to make space beyond UEE borders more accessible...

Following the event that was known as "Great Pyro Expedition" in 2953, a group of UEE Citizens from Terra and Stanton took it upon themselves to make space beyond UEE borders more accessible for the average Civilian and Citizens without sufficient resources and the non-criminal settlers that already inhabit those fringe systems. Be it by trade, industrial might or through curbing the lawless elements by force. They named this goal as "taming the frontier."

This citizen initiative first started in a loosely coordinated manner. Initially they were limited to making supply runs and small scale resource extraction to be sold to independent settlements found in Terra and Stanton. This ragtag group stagnated in capabilities until late 2954, when an investor and an organizing mind was found. Michael Richards, also known with his comms callsign "Shooter" by various groups, took these fledgling but bright pioneers under his wing. With the influx of resources and structure, the initiative officially organized into a bold multi-faceted organization: Terra Star Expeditionary.

Carrying the initial mission of accessible fringe systems for the civilians but expanding into broader horizons, TSE can be found engaged in almost every avenue, from various scales of construction operations to securing their claims through maximum firepower available.

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