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Glaciem Arms & Services

Are you eyeing that one gun you loved in 3.16 but loot system made it a pain in the rear for you to find? Do you want to equip a battalion's worth of Citizens for battle? Or do you want to just try a ship for a time? You have come to the right place! Welcome to Glaciem Interplanetary Arms & Services


Services Available

From elegant long range sniper rifles to vehicle threatening heavy weapons, we sell arms you can't find commonly in Stanton's weapons shops.

Several ships can be retrieved and unlocked for trial by aspiring pilots for a small fee, paid once per retrieval.

Are you a Medic out of medical supplies? Preparing for an operation but realise you are out of food or drinks mid-flight? Want ice cream and coffee but cant be bothered to divert your course? Our delivery services in pre-arranged packages are available to buy!

Whether you are looking for a quick field replacement or rare top-grade components, you can get the correct component for the correct job with Glaciem Arms & Services.

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